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Who We Are

At Innov-Action Physiotherapy: We promise effective interventions tailored to your needs, so you can find your activities and your quality of life quickly!

Lisa Levesque

Owner and Physiotherapist at Innov-Action Physiotherapy

Lisa Levesque

Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist

Yves Desrosiers

Yves is an empathetic therapist who listens to his clients...

Marie-Josée Lebel

Ensures that the clinic works optimally...

Marie-Josée Lebel

Administrative Assistant

Pierre-Luc Vibert

With Pierre-Luc, one this is'll start moving!

Veronic Thibeault

Wants to work as a team with her clients...

Véronic Thibeault

Registered Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist

Tracy Lapointe

Works with clients to provide them with options suited to their needs.

Yves Desrosier

Registered Massage Therapist

Pierre-Luc Vibert

Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist

Tracy Lapointe

Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist

Claudie Michaud

Provides healthy eating habits that are sustainable in the long term.

Julie Leblanc

Julie is an active yoga teacher...

Claudie Michaud

Registered Dietitian 

Julie Leblanc

Yoga Teacher

Why choose us?

Holistic approach | approche holistic

Our therapists focus on the cause of the problem and treat the person as a whole

Hands-on approach | approche hands-on

Practical "hands-on" approach

Comfortable environment | environnement confortable

Individualized treatments in a comfortable and relaxing environment

Direct billing | Facturation direct

Direct billing with most insurance companies

Different treatment options | Différentes options de traitement

We offer different treatment options to better meet your specific needs

Our Services


Physiotherapy is a science of health with the goal to help you regain the maximum of your physical abilities so that you can perform your daily activities, do a job, practice a hobby or a sport, and this, depending on your condition and your recovery potential. It thus promotes your independence while allowing you to remain active in your personal and social life. (reference site OPPQ)

physiotherapy | physiothérapie

Nutrition and Dietetic services:


As an expert in nutrition, the role of the dietitian is to demystify current food trends, promote healthy eating habits that are sustainable in the long term and provide reliable information based on scientific evidence while keeping their skills up to date.
There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition, that is why the education and nutritional interventions offered are unique and tailored to the individual needs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of body tissues, including muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy is a health care option that helps relieve the discomfort associated with daily and professional stresses, muscle overuse and many chronic conditions. (cited from the AMTO website)

massage therapy | massothérapeute
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