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Lisa Levesque, Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist

Lisa Levesque

Owner and physiotherapist at InnovAction Physiotherapy, Lisa is from the beautiful region of Charlo NB. Lisa studied at the University of Ottawa. She has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and a master's degree in physiotherapy.
This young woman passionate about the field of health and physical activity has always been involved in different sports. Indeed, she has participated twice in the Canada Games in the discipline of cross-country skiing, has been part of several sports ; among others : soccer, badminton, athletics and dance for most of her youth. Lisa currently enjoys running and cross fit training. She is also involved in her community with different teams and sports organizations.


During her pratice, Lisa prioritizes an approach focused on the needs of her clients and works as a team with them. Patient education remains essential in her practice. Through her knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy, Lisa prioritizes a comprehensive assessment of body mechanics to determine the cause of the problem. Lisa focuses on problem solving rather than solely focusing on symptom management. Lisa uses mainly manual therapy, dry needling and the prescription of specific exercises as a method of treatment. Lisa is a passionate and empathetic therapist and will gladly guide you towards your goals quickly and effectively.

University Training

  • Master of Physiotherapy, University of Ottawa, 2014

  • Bachelor of Science, Honors in Physical Activity Sciences, University of Ottawa 2011

Continuing Education

  • Sports first responder

  • Prevention of running injuries, Running clinic

  • Training periodization, Munéris Performance

  • Bia formation: Pre and Postnatal exercise prescription

  • Pregnancy, pelvic girdle pain and the pelvic floor, Pelvic Health solutions

  • Vestibular rehabilitation, OPPQ

  • Dry needling, OPPQ

  • Manual Therapy, Level 2 (lower and upper quadrant)

  • Mulligan approach, mobilizations with movement (lower quadrant)

  • Mckenzie Approach Part A and B (Lumbar, Cervical and Thoracic)

  • Neuro proprioceptive Taping, K-taping Canada

  • Pelvi-Perineal Rehabilitation 1, Treatment of Urinary Incontinence in Women, Lord and Brown

  • Pelvi-Perineal Rehabilitation 2, Treatment of Dyspareunia and Uncomfortability in Men, Lord and Brown

  • Knee complex, APTEI

  • CPR and first aid

Experiences as Physiotherapists

  • Sports Physiotherapist, Junior A Tigers Hockey Club Campbellton, NB

  • Student Therapist Games of Quebec, Gatineau

  • Student Therapist Walking Club (Clinical Trials: Walking Program and Osteoarthritis of the Knee)

  • Student therapist on the field, various teams from the Outaouais region


  • Orthopedics, Postoperative Rehabilitation

  • Manual therapy

  • Sports injuries

  • Women's health

  • Injury prevention


  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship recipient 2 years in a row, 2012-2013, 2013-2014


  • Bilingual (French, English)

  • Kinesiologist and certified personal trainer

  • Spinning course teacher

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