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InnovAction Physiotherapy clinic offering complete rehabilitation services for the Restigouche and Bay of Chaleur region.


What is physiotherapy?

  • Physiotherapy is a science of health with the goal to help you regain the maximum of your physical abilities so that you can perform your daily activities, do a job, practice a hobby or a sport, and this, depending on your condition and your recovery potential. It thus promotes your independence while allowing you to remain active in your personal and social life. (reference site OPPQ)

Physiotherapy can help treat these conditions

  • All types of neuro-musculosqueletel injuries, aches and pains (muscles, nerves, ligaments, capsule, bone, joint)
  • Muscular imbalances and postural dysfunctions
  • Sprains, capsulitis, tendonitis, bursitis, lumbar and cervical pain, headache, herniated disc, elongation, contusion, post fracture and surgery, neural compression, osteoarthritis and more
  • Women's health: urinary incontinence, prolapses, pre and postnatal conditions, pregnancy related pain and more.

Sports Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy treatment for all levels of athletes: whether you are a recreational athlete or an elite or aspiring athlete we are here to help!
  • "Hands on" approach, adapted to the specific needs of the athlete and his sport
  • Interventions allowing a quick and effective return to sport
  • Education and recommendations on injury prevention and measures to reduce the risk of re injury.
  • The physiotherapist works in collaboration with others involved: coaches, parents, doctors and other professionals
  • We offer:

    • Treatments in clinic or on the field
    • Sports tapping,
    • Orthotic recommendations as needed,
    • Sport development program in clinic, gym or strength and conditionning room,
    • We work in collaboration with kinesiologist and coaches,
    • Injury prevention program for sport teams and athletes

Massage Therapy:

Massage Therapy
  • Massage therapy involves the manipulation of body tissues, including muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy is a health care option that helps relieve the discomfort associated with daily and professional stresses, muscle overuse and many chronic conditions (cited from the AMTO website)
  • Our massage therapists are registered with the College of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick (CMTNB).

We offer different types of care according to your needs:

  • Therapeutic Massage, Deep tissue, sports massage
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Massage for the peri and post natal clientele
  • Thai massage

Kinesiology services:

  • Kinesiology comes from ancient Greek: "kinesis" which means movement and "logos" which means study. The essence of kinesiology is therefore the study and application of the principles that govern physical activity and the science of movement.
  • The kinesiologist is the fitness specialist and has the mandate to develop strategies to optimize an active lifestyle and maximize the physical capacity of the client.

We offer:

  • Sport development program in clinic, or training room
  • Injury prevention program
  • Post-injury fitness program following a car accident or other events
  • Specific exercise program for fitness and recovery after childbirth


  • We begin with a comprehensive holistic nutrition assessment which includes nutritional, lifestyle and supplements recommendations. Each follow-up is tailored to the client's specific and individual needs and in addition to the nutritional, lifestyle and supplements recommendations, may include any of the following modalities.
    • Yoga sessions (Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative)
    • Meditations & breathing techniques
    • Shamanic energy healings
    • Exercise prescriptions
    • Stress management
    • Recipes, kitchen-pantry-rehab, grocery store tours
    • and more...

Yoga classes

Yin Yoga:

Yoga classes
  • A rhythm yoga style, with postures or asanas, which are kept for long periods of time.
  • Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments, in non-increased circulation in the joints and improved flexibility.
  • A more meditative approach to yoga vise to cultivate the awareness of inner silence and highlight a universal and interconnected quality.

Pre and Post Natal Yoga:

Pre and Post Natal Yoga
  • These classes have been designed for future moms.
  • Small group classes, to your needs.
  • Designed to prepare your body, your mind for the birth and arrival of this new little being.
  • An ideal time to heal your mind and body, improve your pelvic floor and recharge your energy after your baby.

Private Yoga Class:

  • Whether you want to deepen your practice or start a new practice safely, you can benefit from a private yoga session
  • Individual sessions tailored to your specific needs

Pelvic-Floor Rehabilitation

  • Perineal Rehabilitation is a specialty in physiotherapy, where the optimal function of the pelvic floor is restored through education, manual techniques and exercises specific to YOUR needs.

What is included?

  • Its begins with an evaluation of the functioning of the structures that make up the pelvic floor, the abdominal belt, the pelvis and the lower lumbar area.
  • Subsequently, the development of a treatment plan based on the deficiencies identified during the evaluation is developed.
  • The goal of the treatments are to normalize pelvic floor muscle tone, restore muscle strength and endurance, restore function of structures that reduce urinary leakage, prevent organ descent and maintain YOUR function and quality of life!

Pelvic Floor REHABILITATION deals with:

  • Incontinence or urinary leakage (in women and men)
  • Prolapses (organ descent)
  • Abdominal Diastasis
  • Pre and Post Partum, pregnant women
  • Sacroiliac, perineal, lumbar, pelvic, pubic, coccyx pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Postpartum fitness

Dry needling

Dry Needling
  • Dry needling involves the local introduction of a needle at the subcutaneous level, up to intra muscular. The needle is brought to a site of muscular tension (trigger point).
    This technique allows relaxation of the muscle by restoring local blood circulation.

This technique can help with:

  • Pain management
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improve muscle activation
  • Inhibit local inflammatory reactions
  • Improve vascularity

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